Glite PRO series

Glite PRO series is our latest GSM listening device series that heavily outperforms the industry average in terms of functionality. The idea was to create a device that will have great sound and strong set of commands to satisfy advanced private users of GSM listening devices. Glite PRO series has outstanding sound quality, comparable to the gHost series, as they both used the best in category Knowles microphone

Glite PRO listening devices come in a range of different models. The three original models are; 750, 1200 and 3600mAh. The numbers represent the battery capacity of each module. The module can be also purchased separately.

There are 2 different versions for each GLite PRO series, the original version and the plus "+" version. The plus "+" model has the added feature of an extended Knowles microphone. This gives the user the ability to mount the unit inside walls, sockets or cars.

Additionally, we supply GLite with UPS (220V - 3.7V and 12V - 3.7 for vehicle use)

Active filters

  • Battery: 220V compatible
  • Convertor 220V to 3.7V

    Glite 220V to 3.7V UPS adapter will allow you to work with Glite PRO module in a more comfortable way. With our UPS you can connect and have 24/7 surveillance turned on. This way you can place the listening device onto any power grid up to 220 Volts. 

    Works with our VARIO modules series.