Plug Outlet UHF Transmitter


  • Outlet is fully functional
  • EU design *(difference cannot be spotted)
  • Clear sound (Knowles analogue microphone used)
  • High-quality component
  • 24/7 monitoring

More details

noise filter
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Plug outlet UHF transmitter (Ultra high frequency) is designed for professional usage, carefully designed and hand assembled by our technicians. The module inside is working on a radio frequency from 350 to 450 MHz. It was designed to work in various conditions, especially for places where normal surveillance (GSM listening devices) was not possible. Especially practical for law-enforcement, highly trained professionals or government practices.

The surveillance with the receiver is able to operate in non-stop mode with the possibility of reaching up to 700 meters in the open space and around 200 to 300 meters in a normal house with brick walls. The area of possible usage can vary depending on the thickness of the walls and surroundings.  


  • Non-stop surveillance with reception up to 700 meters
  • Listening + recording possibility
  • High-end Knowles microphone 
  • AVC for automatic control of the microphone sensitivity
  • Discrete frequencies between (350 – 400MHz)
  • Noise minimization
  • Perfect camouflage in a fully functional Electric Plug

Superior sound with superior Knowles microphones (more than 10 meters of HQ reception)

Like many high quality products we have decided to use Knowles analogue microphones in combination with the use of circuit AVC (Automatic microphone sensitivity), and ANG (Automatic noise blocking) ensures extreme listening quality, the quality is much better than in standard GSM listening devices, with some exception such as the HQ gHost, that also uses similar technology and is equipped with several software filters as well, none the less the sound quality is still superior to that of UHF transmitters.

Discrete frequencies 
Each device transmits on a different frequency in the range of 350 to 450MHz. The specific frequency is only known by the owner meaning it is inconceivable that someone unauthorized will gain access. Given that each device uses a different frequency, using multiple devices will not be an issue as they will not interfere with each other. There is over 1000 different possibilities for a frequency between 350 to 450MHz.

Suitable for professional use 
It is very easy to put the Plug outlet UHF transmitter into the network and immediately begin broadcasting. The device is designed as such that it can transmit continuously right from the start when first plugged in.

The UHF transmitter can be paired not only with the receiver but the highest version also includes a recorder. This gives you the ability not only to monitor the subjects but store the information for later usage.

Package contains:

  • 3xPlug outlet UHF transmitter
  • Receiver (optional)
  • Reciever + Recorder (optional)