Hidden Wi-Fi cameras

We concentrate on two key elements which are the long-lasting battery and camouflage design. The product line is the same like our Ultralife PIR cameras but with the addition of Wi-Fi. We supply the cameras with a third party app, which you have to install to control the camera. 

Advantages of using hidden Wi-Fi cameras

  1. Remote access: With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access the PIR camera remotely from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This allows you to check on your property, pets, or loved ones from anywhere in the world.
  2. Easy installation: Wi-Fi-enabled PIR cameras are often easier to install than wired cameras, as they do not require complex wiring or drilling holes for cables. They can be set up and installed quickly and easily, without the need for professional installation services.
  3. Notifications and alerts: PIR cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity can send notifications and alerts to your smartphone or other devices when motion is detected. This allows you to respond quickly to any potential security threats, or simply check in on your property when you are away.

Overall, using a PIR camera with Wi-Fi connectivity can offer greater flexibility, convenience, and security compared to traditional PIR cameras. Most popular hidden camera with Wi-Fi is our Ultralife camera in a smoke sensor. It is easy to install and virtually not possible to recognizable from a normal smoke detector. 

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