RMA form & return policy:

In case that some of our devices are not working as described in the manual, or they have visible flaws due to mishandling of our shipping partners. Please PRINT this from and add it to the package. You will not be charged for the shipping of the replaced devices.

Download RMA form

Shipping Address:

SHX Trading s. r. o.

Hrusická 1616/3

141 00

Prague 4

The Czech Republic

Tel: 00420 725 359 870 (for shipping packages only, staff does not speak English)


For many of our devices, we have one manual, as the chips contain the same modules. Please follow the manual for the whole series, this way you will get a .pdf with the link that you need.

3G listening unit NEW

3G Listening unit download

LongLife series manual

LONGLIFE 20 PRO K+ (knowles microphone) download

VARIO PRO K+ (knowles microphone) download

Micro GSM listening device download

LONGLIFE 10 download

LONGLIFE 10+ download

LONGLIFE 20 download

LONGLIFE 20+ download

LONGLIFE 60 download

Vario series manual

Vario download

Vario+ download

UltraLife Wall Clock Listening Device download

Glite series manual NEW

GLite PRO 2.0 Vario module only download

Stronic series

Stronic URP 125-075 download

Stronic URP 225-135 download

Stronic URP-250 download

Stronic URP-450 download

Stronic URP GSM K+ download NEW

Ultralife Series

Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera download

UltraLife camera in a Smoke Sensor download

UltraLife camera in a JunctionBox download

UltraLife Camera in Air Freshener download

UltraLife VOX mini powerbank download

Ultralife Series "N" new resolution (please check your code on a box)

Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera download

UltraLife camera in a Smoke Sensor download

UltraLife camera in a JunctionBox download

UltraLife Camera in Air Freshener download

UltraLife Series NEW

UltraLife Wi-Fi PIR camera download

UltraLife Wi-Fi Smoke sensor camera download


Extension Cord Detector download