4G Security Cameras

Two key factors were considered when designing our 4g security cameras: minimal energy usage and remote monitoring via 4G network. For a safe device with a dependable image, we choose the best modules to optimize for battery life and image quality. We are building the cameras to be indistinguishable from a normal powerbox you can find on the street. 

With our premium 4G Security Camera in Utility Box, you can protect your home, cottage, or vacation home even without internet access. A cellphone signal is all that is required for uninterrupted monitoring. The casing is water resistant with IP65 certification. We specialize in covert operations and hidden units for government and law enforcement.

Advanatages of using 4G security cameras

  1. Remote monitoring: 4G security cameras can be accessed remotely from anywhere, as long as there is a cellular signal. This allows you to check in on your property from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Quick and easy installation: 4G security cameras do not require complicated wiring or Wi-Fi setup, which can be time-consuming and costly. Instead, they can be set up quickly and easily without needing professional installation.
  3. Flexibility: 4G security cameras can be placed almost anywhere, as long as there is a cellular signal. This allows you to monitor remote or hard-to-reach areas that may not be accessible with traditional wired or Wi-Fi cameras.
  4. Uninterrupted monitoring: Unlike Wi-Fi cameras, which can experience signal dropouts or connectivity issues, 4G security cameras provide continuous monitoring if there is a cellular signal.
  5. High-quality video and audio: 4G security cameras can provide high-quality video and audio, even in areas with low Wi-Fi signal strength. This allows for clear and detailed monitoring of your property.
  6. Battery backup: Our 4G security camera comes with battery backup, which ensures that the camera continues operating in areas with no signal available. Ultralife cameras are designed to last a very long time in power-saving mode. The camera activates when there is movement and sends you a notification message. 
  7. Security: 4G security cameras use secure cellular networks, making them less vulnerable to hacking or interference than Wi-Fi cameras.
  • 4G Security Camera in...

    The 4G Security Camera in utility box allows online viewing via 4G LTE. It goes with goes along with our company focus on providing UltraLife long lasting security cameras.  Extremely long battery life up to 1 year, Full HD recording, 92˚ viewing angle, microSD card support up to 128 GB, motion detection and smartphone control. It is designed to monitor remote places, without internet network.

  • 4G UltraLife Camera in...

    Camouflaged hidden camera in smoke sensor with long battery life, support of memory cards up to 128GB, 4G LTE connectivity and motion detection with PIR sensor.