4G Security Cameras

Our 4g security cameras are designed with two main variables in mind, one of them is the low consumption of energy and the other is the picture transferred. We focus on selecting the best possible modules, together with supreme antennas to deliver secure device with reliable image. We have modules which have FULL HD resolution and extremely low consumption.

Our flagship of 4G security cameras is 4G Security Camera in Utility box at a reasonable price you can secure your house, cottage, vacation house at places where there is no internet connection. All you need is a cellular signal. We are able to customize all our produces for your market, if you would like to have a black box instead of a grey one just message us. We specialize in covert operations and hidden units for government and law enforcement.

  • 4G Security Camera in...

    The 4G Security Camera in utility box allows online viewing via 4G LTE. It goes with goes along with our company focus on providing UltraLife long lasting security cameras.  Extremely long battery life up to 1 year, Full HD recording, 92˚ viewing angle, microSD card support up to 128 GB, motion detection and smartphone control. It is designed to monitor remote places, without internet network.