4G Routers

Our custom line of routers is tailored for an outdoor usage together with our hidden cameras. We have seen many routers online, yet we have never found one which would be outdoor and controlled by a SMS command. Which is why we have decided to develop one. Our modem is focused on two things, firstly its main focus lies in the outdoor usage. It resides in a IP65 water proof box made in Japan with stable insulation and robust body. Secondly, it has the possibility just like our GSM switches to be activated, deactivated remotely. Therefore, you can turn the modem ON to view what is happening in the vicinity or browse stored recordings. The usage is straight forward, you put in a simCARD and turn the modem ON via SMS command, once you are done using it, you simply turn the modem off. Its based on a same architecture as our GSM switches

  • Secutron LS-M1 4G LTE...

    Secutron LS-M1 4G LTE ROUTER is a device made to last and withstand in difficult environment. Its equipped with GSM switch, so you can easily create a network for up to 8 devices to connect simultaneously.