Hidden PIR Cameras

Our most basic hidden PIR detection cameras can be found in this category. The main goal of our cameras is to provide you with a long surveillance period so you may watch over your space while you are away or at work. It is a simple module that uses SD card to store the recordings, and you have to retrieve the data physically from the device. 

There are several pre-made designs available. Depending on your needs, we can customize the camera casing to suit the needs of your country. Our most popular model is Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera

Advantages of using hidden PIR cameras

Motion detection: PIR cameras can detect movement and be used as a motion sensor to trigger alerts or recordings. This is useful for security systems, as it quickly identifies potential intruders.

Reliable detection: PIR cameras are highly trustworthy because they are not affected by ambient light or other environmental factors that can cause false alarms with different types of motion sensors.

Energy efficiency: PIR cameras are very energy efficient because they only activate when they detect motion or a heat signature, saving battery life and reducing electricity usage.

Privacy: PIR cameras only detect heat signatures and motion, so they do not capture video footage of people or activities. This can be a privacy advantage, especially for outdoor areas.

Easy installation: PIR cameras are easy to install and require little maintenance, making them a convenient choice for homeowners or business owners who want to set up a security system quickly and easily.

All of our models can be customized and put in different casings, please inquire if you need customization for your local market. 

  • UltraLife camera in...

    UltraLife camera in Junction box has the ability to stay in PIR detection mode for 54 days. It has 2K UHD resolution and is designed for outside usage. Its angle goes up to 60 degrees, that gives you a wide field of view for such a small disguised minicamera.  

  • UltraLife Camera in...

    Ultralife Camera in Air Refreshener  is a camouflaged camera which is virtually impossible to distinguish from a typical air refreshener. We have focused on two different aspects when designing this camera, one is the camouflaged part, and the other is longevity of battery life. The camera has a black PIR module as it fits in the hole better and does not rise suspicion.

  • UltraLife Camera in...

    Ultralife Smoke Detector camera has the ability to stay in PIR detection mode for 30 days. It has a Li-Pol long-lasting battery and great motion detection system that activates in a matter of seconds. 

  • UltraLife PIR Sensor...

    PIR sensor with UHD camera lasts up to 30 days in motion detection and 20 hours of continuous footage. Hidden in a normal PIR sensor casing with a resolution of 2K, it can be remotely controlled and supports a memory card of up to 128 GB.