Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera


PIR sensor with HD camera lasts up to 30 days in motion detection and 20 hours of continous footage. 

More details

Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera is a sensor with integrated battery together with external card placement unrecognizable from a normal sensor.

This device is made for long term surveillance of remote places, it can be used for your office or simply for monitoring your storage areas. 

Thanks to the Li-Po high capacity battery, we were able to achieve up to 30 days of continuous monitoring. It has very easy plug and play installation, provided with a wall holder. You need to take down the PIR Sensor camera in order to charge it. 

The holder is equipped with positional joint, so you can adjust the angle and direction of your point of interest. 


  • HD resolution
  • Up to 30 days in standby
  • 20 hours of continuous recording
  • 3 modes of detection (PIR detection | Motion Detection | Manual)
  • Supplied with a remote control 
  • Video output for direct control of your angle 

Camera in PIR detector

 Fast installation with 3M dual lock system.
 The minicamera placed inside has HD 720p resolution, which can be changed in OSD menu. VIDEO
 Due to the usage of PIR sensor technology, this device can go straight for 700 hours. 

Note: On the graph you can see the maximum Hours of operation and Standby in days (in PIR detection) of Stronic Ultralife PIR Sensor camera. The graph should help you see, how much shorter is your standby, in case you have called on the device.

For example: You can have the PIR detector camera in standby for 10 days and still record for 13 hours, if you will have the PIR for 20 days in standby you will have only 6.5 hours for recording left. 

Package contains:

  • Stronic UltraLife PIR Sensor Camera
  • Remote control
  • Video cable
  • Charger
Image Sensor1/4 inch
Effective Pixels1280x720px; 720x480px; 640x480px
Video CompressionMJPEG
Recording Video Format.avi
Minimum illumination1.0 Lux
Viewing angle70°
Recording Speed30 FPS
Photo ResolutionJPEG 1600x1200
Memory SlotSDHC (Supports up to 32GB, not included)
File OverwriteYes
Power consumptionMax 300mA 5V
Operating temperature-10 ~ 50 °C (+14 ~ 122 °F)
PIR activation delay7 seconds
Consumption in PIR7mAh
Maximum Capacity32gb


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