Listening devices

Professional grade spy bugs and listening devices are at the core of our product line. You will not be able to find any spy bugs on the market that can match the performance of our devices. Our products come in a range of varieties, which sometimes can seem a bit complicated, but we will make the following comparison for you to understand them easily. Listening devices can be divided into three categories based on their modes of operation, namely

  1. Covert listening devices
  2. GSM devices (Vario series, Longlife series and Glite Series)
  3. 3G listening devices
  4. UHF devices

We offer the best hidden listening devices and professional-grade spy bugs on the market. You can choose the device that best matches your needs from our wide selection of a wide range of spy listening devices. You can install these audio spy bugs in your office, home, warehouse, or car. With advanced technology and low battery usage, they are ideal for being camouflaged in everyday objects and left to monitor suspicious activity for several days, months, or years depending on the battery capacity.

Covert listening devices

In our selection, you will find a variety of appliances or electronic devices that are secretly sound recording devices. They are beneficial for companies with large storage areas or offices that want to monitor the behavior of strangers. Being hidden in everyday objects, they are ideal for remote voice recording devices that will not attract unwanted attention from perpetrators. Be it a meeting with people you can’t trust, or a partner you’re suspicious of cheating, you can use these devices to record their whereabouts discreetly. They are hidden in a multitude of objects, from pens, watches, and pen drives to smoke detectors, making them extremely hard to make out from regular pens or smoke detectors.

It is also possible to connect some devices directly to a 220v power source. The inconspicuous design in combination with the clean and crisp audio reception, makes this listening device ideal for long-term monitoring.

covert listening devices

We advise you to consult with one of our specialists to find a particular solution to your needs. We have a set of technicians who can assist you with personalizing your device or suggest you the most suitable solution.

Devices in this section are created for long-term camouflaged observation. Battery life ranges from 6000 mAh to 22000 mAh and more (if needed). Due to battery weight and size, these devices are slightly larger than normal listening devices, although this is not noticeable to the naked eye.

GSM listening devices

GSM devices are ideal for people who want to monitor their house,office, cottage or any other property remotely. We manufacture a variety of custom-developed GSM listening devices, our devices place a lot of emphasis upon endurance and sound quality.

Our starting GSM covert devices series is called LongLife and Vario. They are straightforward regarding usage and exhibit very long standby times. The main difference between LongLife and Vario is that the LongLife series has a built-in battery in the device. Vario is used more as a module, so it can be equipped with a custom battery up to 24000mAh for extensive listening periods. They are also equipped with automatic voice activation which is convenient and increases the endurance of the device as well, and you don’t have to record hours of the static sound.

The GSM network works on the Mono bases. Therefore, when you see two microphones on some devices, please be sure that one microphone is used for VOX and the other for the actual transmission of audio.

LongLife Series

LongLife series is a high-quality series designed for advanced usage of GSM bugs. They are crafted from the latest materials. LONGLIFE is a battery-based module that comes in several different variations; a PRO version has a better signal and sound quality module.

The standard version has an excellent sound as it, and the PRO versions also benefit from better signal quality due to the extended antenna. For both types, there is a possibility of purchasing the "+" version, which comes with longer microphone cables.

We can modify each unit according to your needs, for our customers, we offer custom batteries or antennas depending on the environment they are working in.

longlife listening devices

Vario Series

VARIO series is a similar series to our LONGLIFE series but does not come with a battery embedded in the module. Vario is customizable, allowing you the option to select your capacity. It is a module for which you select the battery capacity based on your needs. The module comes in several different versions, and some with extended microphones for better placement of the device.

  • VARIO module is much smaller, and the “+” version allows you to have a longer microphone.
  • VARIO: Battery life up to 360 days
  • VARIO +: Battery life up to 360 days + EXTENDED MICROPHONES

GLite PRO Series

The Glite PRO series is our latest GSM listening device series that heavily outperforms the industry average in terms of functionality. The idea was to create a device with great sound and a strong set of commands to satisfy the needs of private users of GSM listening devices with advanced functionality needs. The Glite PRO series has outstanding sound quality as it uses the Knowles microphone.

There are 2 different versions for each GLite PRO series, the original version, and the plus "+" version. The plus "+" model has the added feature of an extended Knowles microphone. This allows the user to mount the unit inside walls, sockets, or cars.

3G listening device Series

The 3G Listening device is the most advanced listening unit on the market today. Combining the latest technology achieves parameters that are several times higher than all competing products. This difference is mainly present in the sound quality as well as in the battery power of the device. In some countries, the 2G GSM network will soon be displaced, this is because it was surpassed by technical advances in the 3G, 4G, and now 5G networks.

Combination of recording and listening devices

The Stronic URP GSM K+ is the new and latest product from our facility. It is a combination between a listening and recording device. The listening module used is based on the very popular PRO K+ Vario series and the recording module is based on the URP voice recorder series. This device records locally on a memory of 8 GB while it can at the same time activate the callback function so you can listen at the same time to what is going on in the monitored area.

covert voice recording and listening devices

UHF listening devices

Listening devices which use radio frequency and are denoted by UHF (ultra high frequency) operate on higher frequencies above 400 mHz. Their main advantage over GSM listening devices is the quality of sound, you will get a perfectly clean transition with almost 0 disturbances. One of the main disadvantages is the need for a receiver to be placed within reach of the UHF listening device. There are a variety of uses for UHF listening, which can be mounted into objects or placed onto a 220V power source.