Stronic URP GSM K+


Stronic URP GSM K+ is the new and latest product from our facility. We are happy to annonce a combination between the listening and recording device. The listening module used is based on the very popular PRO K+ Vario series and the recording module is based on the URP voice recorder series. This device records locally on a memory of 8 gb while it can at the same time activate callback function so you can listen at the same time what is going on in the monitored area.

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Knowles microphone
GSM + Voicerecorder

Stronic URP GSM K+ is the first of this kind produced by StealthTronic. What we have here in mind, is a device that is available to the public market and yet does not use overly complicated function. The device is very simple to use as there are only 2 commands to turn the VOX: ON or OFF. The voice recorder has to be manually activated before the deployment. Stronic URP GSM K+ is equipped with the best available microphones supplied the by the Knowles inc. this ensures superb audio clarity and quality.


The device registers and records sound up to 10 meters in its surrounding. It comes with proprietary developed software to set the correct or designated time and day. The design is very minimalistic, with 2000mAh battery, its rather thin yet it has a very long battery life.


  • Control The control is very simple. As there is one button or switch which activates the voice recorder. All you have to do is turn the switch ON and voice recording is active. For activation of the VOX callback function simply send sms  "1111" to the number inside the unit.
  • VOX activation The sensitivity VOX chip which is inside is activated between 45-55db but can be adjusted in case you need to pick up lower voices. This has to be done in advance.
  • Size Miniature size 76 x 33 x 14mm makes this device ideal device for covert operations.
  • Recording functions There is only mode which is VOX activated recording with timestamps. The device is using 2 modules where one is designated only for the voicerecording.
  • Battery life Incredible battery life it goes up to 100 days in the VOICE detection mode. The internal memory of 8gb fits up to 288 hours of recording in the MP3 codec.


Number of microphones2
Capacityup to 8gb
Standby100 days (voice recorder)
Recording modeContinuous recording | GSM VOX activated listening
Max. continous usage GSM13 hours
Battery capacity2000 mAh
Dimensions76 x 33 x 14 mm
Charging time5 hours


Listening + recording100-150 mAh (GSM) | 7mAh (Recording)

Package contains:

  • Stronic URP GSM K+
  • Charging cable
  • Plug for charging

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