Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras disguised as everyday items, from hidden mini cameras in smoke sensors to wall hung clocks or air fresheners are ideal for monitoring office buildings, homes and storage units. Due to their design they do not look out of place at all, meaning that they do not raise suspicion and are perfect for everyday use.Days of hidden camera in standby

Here is what mainly sets us apart from our competition:

  • Hand assembled and tested products
  • English manuals and full documentation
  • Extra long battery life
  • You need a camera placed in something? – Contact us for an appointment  (10 pcs minimum)

When we started working on the hidden camera section, for our Ultralife camera series, we tried to answer several key questions. We have therefore brainstormed and here are some of the answers that we have focused on. We have many years of experience when it comes to working with various surveillance equipment.

Making a hidden camera perfectly disguised

They have to be really disguised, not looking like they came from a shady factory somewhere in China. Which is why we are taking real life objects and placing the cameras right inside of them. Yes, for us it is more expensive, we have to change the outlook, look inside tens of products to see if there is a space and if we can make it work. We then run various stress scenarios and unbiased tests, with normal people who are outside of our industry, in order to see if we have managed this.

Selection of lenses for our cameras

There are various types of lenses out there, some very pinhole, some with wide field of view. There is always a tradeoff, when we want the hidden camera to be able to capture most of the desired monitoring area, we like to put a wide lenses in, 130 degrees or more. But when we do that, the camera will no longer be as hidden as we would like to, simply because we need more space for the light to go inside and the camera lenses are bigger. That is why, you will sometimes find variations in our cameras with respect to field of view. Small lenses allow us to make 1mm holes that will get most of the picture inside under the right conditions.

Battery life

Here we have decided to make no compromise, the more battery life simply results in better cameras as their usage becomes easier. We have decided to use mainly Li-Pol batteries ranging from 3.7 to 5.0V or 12V for the upcoming Wi-Fi modules. There is a reason that we have selected those, simply that they tend to work best with our PIR camera modules. The larger the battery the heavier the object gets, so for mounting devices, like UltraLife hidden camera in Smoke detector or PIR module we are going with 5500mAh. For other products, which are stationary we are going with 12800 mAh when possible.

PIR detection cameras

We are going with the PIR detection rather than simple motion detection for our cameras, this is mainly because we want to achieve a long battery life. The selection of the right PIR sensor is very important to us, we have a variety of sensors at hand and we test our products before we place one in. That is also why you will sometimes find a Black PIR sensor and other times small White PIR sensor.