Hidden cameras

Office buildings, houses, and storage facilities can all be monitored using covert cameras that are hidden in commonplace objects, such as air fresheners, wall clocks, smoke sensors, or hidden micro cameras. They are ideal for everyday use because they do not appear out of place due to their design, as they do not arouse suspicion. 

It's important to note that using hidden cameras can also raise ethical and legal concerns, and it's essential to consider these factors carefully before deciding to use them. In some situations, visible cameras or other security measures may be a more appropriate and acceptable solution.

PIR detection cameras Ultralife series

For our cameras, we are using PIR detection over simple motion detection, primarily because we want long battery life. We have a range of PIR sensors on hand and test our goods before selecting the right one. This explains why you could occasionally see a little White PIR sensor and other times a Black PIR sensor. We offer three types of cameras using PIR sensor technology. They are different in their connectivity options, as some you have to retrieve the SD card, and Wi-Fi connection or you can use 4G Network. 

  1. Hidden PIR cameras
  2. Hidden PIR sensor cameras with Wi-Fi
  3. 4G security cameras

Battery power 

We have opted not to compromise in this area; longer battery life makes cameras record for longer durations and more convenient to use. For the forthcoming Wi-Fi modules, we have opted to primarily utilize Li-Pol batteries with a voltage range of 3.7 to 5.0V or 12V. We chose those for a reason, which is simply because they frequently function best with our PIR camera modules. We choose 5500mAh batteries for attaching devices like UltraLife concealed cameras in Smoke detectors or PIR modules because larger batteries make a product heavier. When it's feasible, we use 12800 mAh for other stationary items.

Advantages of using Ultralife hidden cameras:

  1. Discreet monitoring: Hidden cameras can be used to discreetly monitor areas without drawing attention to the camera's presence. This can be useful when you need to gather evidence or monitor behavior without alerting people to the presence of a camera.
  2. Enhanced security: Hidden cameras can be used to catch perpetrators in committing crimes or misbehaving, as they are unaware they are being monitored. This can help to enhance security and deter criminal activity.
  3. Protection of property and assets: Hidden cameras can be used to monitor valuable items or property, such as jewelry or antiques, in order to deter theft and prevent losses.
  4. Employee monitoring: Hidden cameras can be used to monitor employees to ensure they are following company policies and procedures, such as not stealing or engaging in other inappropriate behavior.
  5. Protection of vulnerable individuals: Hidden cameras can be used to protect vulnerable individuals, such as children or elderly adults, by monitoring their care and ensuring they are being treated appropriately.
  6. Surveillance in sensitive areas: Hidden cameras can be used in sensitive areas, such as hospitals or courtrooms, to monitor the behavior and ensure that individuals follow protocol and procedures.

Here is what mainly sets us apart from our competition:

  1. Hand assembled and tested products
  2. English manuals and full documentation
  3. Extra long battery life
  4. We can assemble the camera in housing of your choice, 10pcs are MOQ