Customized electronics

This is something that makes us slightly different from the competition, what we aim for, is to customize each product to the market that it is supposed to be used in. We realize that there are differences between plugs in the world, between GSM bands or between product standards, which is why we want to deliver the best possible products tailored to your market.

Extension cords

We offer a variety of customized listening extension cords, that use a different way of grounding, different standards and different shapes. For example in some countries it is normal to use a USB extension cord while in others it is not.


We offer USB keyboards with listening and monitoring abilities that is mounted with a key logger, that means that you will be able to listen to a conversation and also monitor all of the keystrokes. This device is very useful when you are trying to monitor your employees. For this particular reason, we offer modified keyboards for the specific language that is used in your country.


Customized toys

We have previously encountered a case, when a babysitter was behaving in a not respectable manner towards a child. We were asked to help, by developing a toy which would have monitoring capabilities yet it would be in disguise. The teddy bear on picture has hidden PIR modules in the eyes and camera in the button. To replace the battery and memory card, one has to unravel the teddy bear and saw it back together 

A coffee cup

This project was for a private investigative bureau, which was unhappy with the current design. We have managed to laser inside the cup and connect a long-lasting battery module inside. The cup could not be used for drinking anymore. 

How does it work?

Simply contact us at sales(.@.) if you would like to have something modified, you will then receive a feasibility calculation with the approximate costs and we can then discuss the details further. On occasion we may be unable to do the modification meaning it may be better to try it on a sample piece instead. We are here to help you put professional products on the market.If you would like more information, simply ask us.