Secutron Systems

Secutron Systems are a partner of StealthTronic specializing in custom made electronics and devices that are designed especially for investigative agencies and private organizations. Working together with over 20 different individuals and private entities, Secutron develops devices which fit the needs of every private investigator. 

Secutron systems focuses mainly on camera and video related products. A large emphasis is placed upon portability and discreetness, which allow individual devices to be moved easily and quickly, when required. The high quality build materials and casing increase durability and protect the devices from exposure to potentially hazardous elements such as rain. 

The effectiveness and simplicity of the devices minimizes the need for continuous monitoring in real time and ensures all recordings are stored in high quality. 
Additionally a number of solar powered devices are available for non-stop surveillance.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please ask your local representative from International Dealers. If no representative is present in your location, please send us an email:

  • Extension Cord...

    A new & upgraded version of the popular Extension GSM cord Detector has just been finished. The specifications are the same as the older model, but with improvements especially in terms of usability. New version brings the cord (which can be adjusted based on your country of residence) that gives you the ability to test also other devices, such as electronic outlets. With this function, it will be very easy to scan through the whole house for potential threats. 

  • Signal Noise Generator...

    The SNG 2.0 noise generator is an effective tool to prevent eavesdropping. SNG 2.0 ensures privacy in your actions, and prevents virtually all external attacks. It was designed for continuous usage in houses or rooms with exposure to eavesdropping.

  • Noise Generator mini

    Signal noise generator with high-noise output and changable tone. It has the possibility to be connected to speakers. 

  • Secutron LS-M1 4G LTE...

    Secutron LS-M1 4G LTE ROUTER is a device made to last and withstand in difficult environment. Its equipped with GSM switch, so you can easily create a network for up to 8 devices to connect simultaneously. 

  • Signal Noise Generator...

    Signal Noise Generator 2.0 voice mix is a unique device, which combines all the qualities of white noise generators together with new voice altering algorithm to create a sound spectrum which is virtually impossible to decipher. 

  • NLJD Secutron CONE

    Small and affordable yet very precise Nonlinear Junction Detector Secutron CONE is developed for proffesionals at affordable price to uncover all the possible hidden devices, electronics, simcards and much more. 

  • 3 Channel Secutron...

    The EH-MD3 three-channel detector is a handheld device that combines three types of detection channels, namely electromagnetic device detection, metal detection and ferromagnetic object detection. 

  • Secutron Humidor

    Secutron Humidor is the ideal solution for protecting sensitive conversations and their possible recording by mobile phones or other eavesdropping devices. It has a stylish design and it is very convenient to use. Simply place all the mobile phones in the box and select the desired white noise, you can turn the Humidor by a button located on the backside.