About us

StealthTronic manufactures a variety of security and surveillance products, with new, quality technology and after sale support lying at the core of our company.  

We specialize in the manufacturing of listening and camouflage devices, focusing on the long-term surveillance possibilities. Eavesdropping devices and hidden cameras are carefully examined, developed and hand mounted onto our top quality products.

On top of our extensive product line, we also offer the possibility of adapting any product of your choice. We have vast experience with custom built hidden cameras, listening devices and spy bugs. We specialize in custom made listening devices, so if you have any questions feel free to consult your sales representative, if you do not have one please feel free to ask for one at: sales@stealthtronic.com

Our Company

We are a young and flexible company which is oriented on flexibility and a customer driven approach. We want to create more value for our customers; by combining many years of experience in the espionage industry with advanced technology we are aiming to provide the market with advanced and reliable products. 

Our Team

We are based in the heart of Europe- the Czech Republic. What makes our products unique is the approach that our employees are taking; when we think of developing new products, we first think of our customers and their needs. Contact us 24/7, we are ready to respond and help you with our products.

Our Mission

Our aim is to change the perspective that people have of cheap spy technology products. Using premium materials and components comes at its price, but we believe that producing quality products is what distinguishes us from our competitors.