Voice recorders

We offer discrete digital voice recorders of the highest quality thanks to the materials used in the process. The devices are strictly professional which is reflected in the price. Features such as aluminium boxes and Knowles microphones are a must have in this industry.

Tape vs digital recorders
Tape dictaphones are nowadays already an anachronism, and digital voice recorders have completely replaced them. There are a variety of products on the market which possess voice recording capabilities, yet none of them are comparable to our products. The difference lies primarily in the three areas mentioned below. 
Sound quality of the recording
The most important elements are sensitivity of the recorder and the overall quality of the recording. We have a wide range of products with the basic sample rate: 5.5 kHz to 22 kHz. Using the Knowles microphones and having the possibility to reduce excess noise directly in our proprietary software gives us the edge over our competition. 
Software (only for extreme life)
Unlike others, we have our own software developed especially for our products, here are some  of the features:
  • Hash (code) your recording when they are taken, meaning if someone would find this device they will not be able to listen to the recording.
  • LOG gives you the option to monitor the device to see if someone has taken the card out, empty battery etc.
  • Possibility to filter conversation (especially useful when having 3 continuous days of recording)
  • Make a schedule for recording