UltraLife Smoke Detector Listening Device


  • Up to 90 Days in standby
  • Callback of 8 days (VOX)
  • 35 hours of in-call time

More details

90 Days Standby

This particular smoke detectors gsm listening device is based on the Vario series, it uses the same module and is carefully mounted onto a smoke detector. The vario series offers two options: 

  1. Voice activation
  2. Listening on call

The smoke detector GSM is easy to place and mounts onto a normal ceiling. You can either use super glue or a couple of screws to mount the product. The smoke detector comes with 2x batteries 5400mAh.  

One battery gives about 90 days of standby, the product is usually shipped with 2 batteries for the customers convenience and to ensure suirveillance can be maintained in the event of the first battery losing power. 


  • Monitoring of offices and houses
  • Very good unrecognizable camouflage
  • Easy installation 
  • Very clear sound

Package contains:

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