Camouflage listening

Devices in this section are created for long term camouflaged observation. Battery life ranges from 6000 mAh to 22000 mAh and more (if needed). Due to battery weight and size these devices are slightly larger than normal listening devices although this is not noticable to the naked eye.  

Camouflage listening devices are available within a number of everyday items to ensure they go undetected and do not raise suspicion. 

It is also possible to connect some devices directly to a 220v power source.

The inconspicuous design in combination with the clean and crisp audio reception make this listening device ideal for long term montioring. 

Active filters

  • Microphone type: Knowles
  • GSM Electrical Outlet...

    This  GSM electrical listening outlet is the typical model of the outlet found in your local hardware / electronic store. It must be installed by professional or electrician as the installation itself can be complicated for people who do not experience working with electrical current. The advantage, is the complete disguise and functionality of this device.