GSM bug in power extension - USB version


The power extension is one of the best places to hide a spy bug. GSM Spy Bug in power extension is equipped with a noise detection function and a spare battery, so it will keep functioning even during a blackout.

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Voice Activation
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In contrast to mass produced power extension spy bugs produced in China, this device is constructed in our very own workshop, and is placed into a power extension freely available in the Czech Republic. Again, in comparison to the Chinese spy version, this model remains completely inconspicuous. The power extension is fully functional and is unrecognizable from any other power extension freely purchased in a store.


  • possibility for non-stop operation
  • unrecognizable from regular two-socket power extension
  • power extension can be opened only with a specialized screwdriver
  • unlimited range
  • adjustable voice activation
  • fully functional power extension

GSM Spy Bug in power extension is the ideal solution for long-term monitoring of apartments, offices or warehouses. The Spy Bug is powered directly from the power extension and so does not need to be recharged. When disconnected from power, the device will keep operating for 3 - 4 days thanks to its own spare battery.

Custom orders

You can make a custom order for this extension cord, where we will implement it into an extension of your choice.


  • 5 fully functional slots for electronic appliances
  • 800g weight
  • clear audio up to a distance of 5 meters
  • 380x60x44 mm dimensions
  • 3m cable length

Package contents:

  • GSM Spy Bug with power extension
  • special screwdriver for opening


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