Ar-Mi Protect Talk


Ar-Mi Protect Talk is a low frequency generator specially developed for creating a background sound which will interfere with any kind of recording or listening device. There are two forms of interference one is audible, the other one is mechanical in form of vibrations.

More details

Ar-Mi Protect Talk is using special white noise generator in combination with pre-recorded voices, which are then mixed together and result in special and unique form of white noise generation.

In comparison to competing products, Ar-Mi is using the voice of people who are going to take part in the conversation, this exhibits significantly better results due to the authenticity of one recorded voice. There is a room for 10 presets, which makes this device convenient to use. Unlike the Jammers, this device is not does not balance on the verge of legality, simply you are using your own voice to mask your current conversation.

Whitenoise generator

Ar-Mi Protect Talk combination from your prerecording presets of voices is channeled and transformed to both audible recording as well as into one channel vibrations based on the piezo transducer. The piezo transistors are synched with the level of your voice creating similar vibrations.


  • Compatible with a wide range of speakers
  • Reset function
  • Up To 10 presents, where 2 or more voices can be combined
  • Basic whitenoise 0-100 scale setting
  • Led indicators for Audio and Noise
  • Ideal protection against even the most modern forms of recording (eaves dropping)


  • Dimensions  -118x58x187 mm
  • Power supply -  220V converted to 12V DC
  • Battery charger -  Not a battery powered system
  • Setting up time - 1-2 minutes
  • Consumption - 2A
  • Led Indicators - Audio and Vibration frequency
  • Export records - AVI of WAV format


  • Noise level - Noise 8,8V Peak to peak f=1003 kHz
  • Audio - Audio 2x15W / 8 ohm min
  • Piezo transducers - Capacity 100x piezo transducer
  • White noise scale - White noise setting 0-100 scale
  • Led Indicators - Audio and Vibration
  • Presets indicators - 10 positions

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