STronic UltraLife Wi-Fi PIR Camera


PIR sensor with HD camera lasts up to 180 days in a single charge. It is an extension of our popular UltraLife series, which focuses on long standby times achieved by PIR sensor technology. Device is using an Android/iPhone app, for viewing the data online.

More details

Up to 180 days of stanby

Hidden Wi-Fi camera with long stand-by time

This is an Wi-Fi extension of our already popular Stealthtronic UltraLife series, which focuses on highest possible standby time on a single battery charge. You will have the ability to view the picture online, on your smartphone.

Device is designed to be used in offices or indoor spaces, as it does not have IP68 waterproof protection. Nonetheless, it will work in outdoor environment as long there is a protection from water exposure. Its virtually invisible pinhole camera any other PIR motion sensor.

Stronic UltraLife hidden camera in PIR is easy to install and mount onto a wall, the whole set-up will take less than 5 minutes of your time and you can start viewing the recordings. The sensor will activate on a distance up to 7 meters.

Wi-Fi camera in PIR sensor

Where can we use Stronic UltraLife Wi-Fi PIR?

  • hidden monitoring of your commercial space
  • thief identification if you are losing stock, even though you have cameras installed, there are always blind spots

Function of StealthTronic Wi-Fi PIR

  • Extremely long-lasting battery StealthTronic Wi-Fi PIR is equipped with a PIR sensor which has consumption only of 1-2mAh, that is used in combination with a battery of 5500mAh Li-Pol
  • Live Wi-Fi view
    Integrated Wi-Fi module in the device itself, will give you the possibility to see the online recordings at all times, be cautioned, as the device consumes energy while recordings are being watched.
  • Fast activation time
    The motion detection with PIR in this module is extremely fast, as the detection will occur in matters of seconds.
  • Mobile phone controls
    The application has a support of 4 cameras at the same time, meaning you can control up to 4 of them in the application. You can view videos as well as pictures.
  • HD Quality
    The chip is CMOS with 1.3Mpix , the view angle is 70 degrees and it records audio as well as video.
  • Memory
    Memory capacity is 32GB which will last for about 80 hours of usage. There is a function for automatic footage overwrite, which means that you will not have to worry about taking out the card. You can also swap the SD cards at your convenience, please make sure that the device is powered off.


Additional information

1st time usage, please make sure the device has got at least 6 hours of charge. Before dispatch from our comapny, we always charge the battery, but we still recommend giving it a first time full charge.

Camera activation

The activation will happen within 1-2 seconds, since the movement sensor was activated. You can turn on push notification on your phone and you will immediately get an alert for movement. Once the movement is no longer present, the camera will put itself in a standby PIR silent mode again. You can connect at any instance to the camera and see the surroundings at your convenience, thanks to the low power consumption of Wi-Fi module.

Package contains:

  • Stronic Ultralife PIR camera
  • 3M tape for easy placement
  • DC 5V adaptor
Working modes

-recording modes for motion detection

-online preview via mobile phone

-recording in an infinite loop

Camera 1.3Mpix CMOS sensor

-angle of view of 70°

-3.6mm lens

-light sensitivity 1 Lux

Recordings resolution 1280x720px

-.AVI video format

-adjustable recording length 10-60

-recordings of dates and times

-the ability to remotely play and export records

-average 360MB / 1th of recording

Microphone-sensitivity up to 3 - 5 meters

-3.7V 5500mAh Li-Pol

-up to 180 days in PIR mode

-lasts about 20 hours of continuous recording

-lasting 1h daily for approximately 19 days


-Consumptio 1-2mA - PIR mode

-250mA - Recording

-350mA - online transmission

Power supply-DC 5V 1A
External memory

-micro SD up to 32GB

-up to 88 hours of recording

Dimensions107 x 58 x 45mm

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