Secutron DoorGuard Pro


Secutron DoorGuard PRO is the most advanced door viewer produced by Secutron Company. It combines very discrete design together modern technology. It is powered by 220V which makes it convenient. Apart from many others, Secutron DoorGuard is capable of motion detection, online monitoring and tablet or phone monitoring. 

More details

In comparison to other digital door viewers, DoorGuard has the special quality of being virtually not recognizable from normal door viewer. Many other digital door viewers with hidden cameras have the unfortunate disadvantage of being very obvious and easy to spot. The sensor is already has a built in camera, which gives it a great advantage over other door viewers.

The biggest trade off, when it comes to digital door viewers is whether to have one with many functions or one which will look inconspicuous. What DoorGuard does is that it combines both the visual and technical side together.

The main advantages include:

  • instant notification on your mobile phone when motion is detected in front of the door
  • totally discreet appearance
  • video recording when motion is detected
  • pre-recording (recording still 3 seconds before the detected movement)

You can remotely download the footage or use and Alert that the door guard will send. DoorGuard uses Wi-Fi to connect to your local network, once it is set-up it will run and monitor your home for you.


  • communication over the Internet in real time
  • Link to the router via WiFi
  • extremely easy setup through intuitive application
  • It allows you to monitor the area in front of your door from a mobile phone to a completely unlimited distance
  • tracking application via iPhone / Android for free
  • Recording to the internal micro SD card motion detection / in a continuous loop
  • very good light sensitivity of 0,008 LUX
  • display space in front of the door at 9 "LCD monitor

Package contents:

  • outdoor unit (camera peephole)
  • indoor unit
  • power adapter
  • 3M sticker

Caution: The unit should have a steady supply of power. It is supplied with a power adapter with a cable length of 2m. To adjust the cable length, please contact us.

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