Detection devices

Detection devices are mainly used to uncover any other 3rd party hidden GSM bugs, recording devices, radio transmitting devices or signal jammers. There is a variety of basic as well as advanced products that can be used for the protection of your home, office or hotel room. What are signal detectors used for? Counter-surveillance devices are especially used for your protection and detection of GSM bugs, cellphones or signal jammers. They have variety of usage in the corporate section, we recommend to have your office swept by a professional. With our devices you can easily check your home, office or hotel room. Basic detectors: All of the products from our detection section are already considered upper level devices in the market. The basic detectors are more portable than the advanced detectors, the difference is mainly in the spectre of the network that can be detected. Basic detectors from the Protector series will comfortably let you detect any signal jammer, or GSM transmitting device. Advanced detectors: The advanced detectors are primarily for professional usage. They will allow you to break down each particular frequency that you might want to discover. They are equipped with separate diodes to measure for: 3G, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max etc. independently. They have a stronger ability to filter signal noise due to their sensitivity settings. 

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