GLite PRO 1200


GLite PRO 1200 has been developed as a step between our most advanced series gHost and our lowest modules Longlife. Glite PRO gives you the ability to have control over your device via SMS and its miniature size and Knowles microphone are making it one of the most competitve devices available on the market. 

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light detection
12.5 days standby

GLite PRO 1200 is a unique GSM communicator that is equipped with a variety of functions, it can serve as a protective device as well as a device for gathering information. The main benefits of this device are clear sound, long battery life and functions. 

We have tried to maintain small proportions but not on behalf of the sound quality, with the combination of Knowles microphones and latest chip-set we believe that this is the highest sound quality we are able to transfer via a GSM network. 



  • Password control function allows you to communicate in a secure manner between you and the unit. That means that you can set a master password for example: 111111 and each time you want to send a command to the unit, you start with that password. This function can also be turned off.
  • Filter for incoming numbers You can select up to 3 numbers to be the master numbers. That means that only 3 people will have access to the device. Anyone else will receive a busy tone.
  • Voice detection Can be also adjusted, as sometimes you might find yourself in a rather noisy environment and you want the sensitivity to be lower. On top of that, you can select "dead time" which is a period of time when the unit will not notify you. 
  • Microphone Preset sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted to 7 different levels. You will be able to switch between these levels as well as set auto-adjustment value.
  • Light detection Can be used as an alarm if the device is placed in a dark environment, then it will send you an alarm. 
  • Installation The device is plug and play so if you do not need any special function you simply put in the simcard, wait for it to boot and call the device. 

*Special note: There is the possibility of customizing GLite PRO chip-set to other batteries and functions, if you have a larger order we would be happy to discuss the options.

Sound quality:

There is a limit to the sound quality transferred over GSM network, one of those limits is rooted in the dependency of GSM networks (such as signal strength). This is a mono GSM device and so we have selected the microphone with the best SNR (signal to noise ratio) in order to maximize the quality at low consumption. We have achieved this by selecting HQ microphones from Knowles.

Battery life:

On the table below you can see performance of each model, please note that "+" = long microphone version" and has got extended Knowles for the convenience of usage. 

 Standby daysCallback daysIn call hoursMicrophone
GLite PRO 7507.84.55.0short
GLite PRO 750+
GLite PRO 120012.57.18.0short
GLite PRO 1200+
GLite PRO large 360037.521.024.0short
GLite PRO large 3600+37.521.024.0long

*Maximum values tested


The GLite series uses a very simple communication command set, which is easy to master within a matter of minutes. You can also use in-call commands in order to change the settings of the microphone etc. We advise you to read the manual carefully in order to grasp the full functionality of GLite PRO series devices. Light sensor and in-call commands can come in very handy when used properly. 

Battery life for :

 Note: On the graph you can see the maximum Hours of operation and Standby in days of the GLite PRO 3600. The graph should help you see how much shorter it is in standby if you have called the device. For example if you have called the device for 5 hours already, you will only have 25 hours of standby. 

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