• UltraLife Camera in...

    Ultralife Camer in Air Refreshener  is the latest product onto our Ultralife series production. Focus here is mainly on the camera being as hidden as possible. The usage of PIR module in black color makes this product virtually unrecognizable. A Small camera with a wide angle allows it to have great field of view. 

  • Vario PRO k+

    Vario PRO K+ is an upgraded version of Vario series, due to a surge in demand for even better sound quality we have decied to use a Knowles Microphone on the device which gives it competitive edge at an affordable price. Vario is a series with external battery that can be changed according to your need. 

  • Extension Cord...

    A new & upgraded version of the popular Extension GSM cord Detector has just been finished. The specifications are the same as the older model, but with improvements especially in terms of usability. New version brings the cord (which can be adjusted based on your country of residence) that gives you the ability to test also other devices, such as electronic outlets. With this function, it will be very easy to scan through the whole house for potential threats. 

  • STronic UltraLife...

    PIR sensor with HD camera lasts up to 180 days in a single charge. It is an extension of our popular UltraLife series, which focuses on long standby times achieved by PIR sensor technology. Device is using an Android/iPhone app, for viewing the data online.

  • 3G Listening device

    3G Listening device is the most advanced listening unit on the market today. By combining the latest technology, it achieves parameters that are several times higher than all competing products. This difference is mainly present in the sound quality as well as in the battery power of the device.

  • Signal Noise Generator...

    The SNG 2.0 noise generator is an effective tool to prevent eavesdropping. SNG 2.0 ensures privacy in your actions, and prevents virtually all external attacks. It was designed for continuous usage in houses or rooms with exposure to eavesdropping.